Bruce Forsberg, forsberg tns. Good value for what I paid. Right-side view of Dell Inspiron m view larger image On the keyboard of the Inspiron m you have some nice built-in hardware buttons that control So overall you have a generous amount of ports on the m. The hard drive is quiet and there is no audible fan noise. I choose the first one and the system would not boot. Every thing went fine.

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Dell Inspiron 600m Review (pics, specs)

Since SUSE had shrunk the windows partition, windows detected that its filesystem was corrupt and repaired itself. Battery life is unknown and NOT guaranteed. Socket Communications makes great Linux compatible CF cards.

I also have the Fujitsu LifeBook S notebook in my possession at the moment, it has a smaller Minor wear and scratches on casing. Next to this are your modem and Ethernet ports. A touchpad dell not my cup of tea for navigating the cursor on a computer screen. So overall you have a generous amount of ports on the m.

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Thus I don’t have DNS or routing setup. I choose 600 first one and the system would not boot. Finally on the back is a Monitor-out port and AC adapter input. GRUB thought this was a bootable partition. The Dell media bay is removable so you can upgrade and switch in and out your various options for this bay.


Intel Pentium M 2.

I bought this computer because she asked for it for her birthday AND because she really needed her own laptop for school work. When at a desk I recommend using a mouse plugged into the USB port for faster screen navigation.

Heat The hard drive for the Inspiron m rests on the lower-left side of the notebook. The software that SUSE installed would not work with this modem. Morem and Reviews Write a review. Has everything she will need to complete school assignments, surf approved websites I monitor all internet usage inspigon, and has enough memory for all her favorite games.

Left-side view of Dell Inspiron m view larger image. But in general having heat build up on a palm rest is not a good thing and could annoy some people.

Dell Inspiron m Review (pics, specs)

The overall look and design of the m is nice. The plastic is not exactly rugged either, you can push in on the case in places and cause it to flex. So, is this notebooks popularity in sales justified by its performance and value? The Inspiron m offers decent battery life, better than its close relative the Inspiron m that I only got 2-hours of life from per charge, but not as good as other thin-and-lights such as the ThinkPad T42 or Fujitsu Lifebook S series.


The bad news is that maybe it would be better if we did have an audible fan noise so that you could know the notebook is trying to expel some of the built-up heat! I would recommend this computer to others.

When I booted there was two windows entries. The sensitivity is extreem for the tap mode where that sends a button click event. This gives the disconcerting feeling that you might accidentally tear off a key.

Good value for what I paid. Samsung Chromebook 3 Bottom-side view of Dell Inspiron m view larger image.

I then rebooted and selected the second one and windows booted fine. I have tried, very briefly, to get wireless internet working by going to my local library that has wireless internet.