The dvd in question is home-made, if it matters Well, that’s about it.. So, Plasmon has recently licensed its technology to Verbatim. Hi, I’ve got a rather simple question, but I still want to know it: Ask a question and give support. The disks are already on the Martian surface. He would need to read the dual layer..

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Conversely, the various Taiwanese manufacturers have suffered delays in the production of this format due to the difficulties faced in production line changes required for this type of media.

Their background is heavily rooted in the entertainment industry and their software has been used by professional studios and post-production facilities around the world. For the DD, the company will possibly cooperate with Philips.

TechSpot Account Sign up for freeit takes 30 seconds. The companies had to overcome significant technological challenges for recording on to two layers. Below are some other products from Waitec.

Join the community hereit only takes a minute. While TDK is not a drive manufacturer, they are one of the best known and respected manufacturers of storage media.

DVD Dual Layer in regular DVD player?

We witnessed a demonstration of a dvd video compilation written onto double layer media which took a little over 39 minutes 7. In rewritable applications, UDO features a unique direct overwrite capability, doubling rewrite speeds by eliminating the need for a dedicated erase pass.

The following snapshot of the BenQ drive’s writing performance with 16x media. For 16x media, new dyes and technology will be used in the production process. At present the company is awaiting for approval of the double layer format for DVD-R from the DVD forum before proceeding with the production of the respective media.


The recorded disc was then played on a standard dvd player for confirmation, where both layers were read without problems. Aopen currently offers one of the most complete PC related product ranges in the market with motherboards, graphics cards, PC cases, Video converters and of course optical storage drives.

One of the main features of this product is its ease of use. Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate. A pre-recorded dual layer DVD-R disc was played back on an unmodified DVD player, demonstrating layer switching and playback of video content coming from both layer 1 and 2.

The company has declared that its upcoming dual layer DVD recorder will hit the market sometime in August, and will have a chipset from Mediatek. When this disc is then read, and a seek on the first layer to some point further ahead is requested which will move forward to a point on the second layer, there are two possible methods the reading drive can adopt the standard itself does not aaopen what the behaviour in such a situation should be.

LiteOn announces 8×8 external DVD dual burner

It is interesting, though, to have a closer look at the technology used by today’s forerunners as this is what in a couple of years will have become more commonplace among the average users desktop.

Although MSI started with motherboard development, it now offers a large range of products.


Here’s a conclusive way to tell In addition, the first layer requires the use of a transparent thin metal layer that will allow the light beam to penetrate onto the second layer without affecting the first layer. Already have an account? The PXA uses Sanyo’s chipset. The dvd in question is home-made, if it matters Well, that’s about it.

LiteOn announces 8×8 external DVD dual burner |

There will be no 12x recorder. BTC did not exhibit dual layer or 16x recorders, taking a wait and see attitude until the dual layer market becomes more established, and instead added the flash reader interface to the already existing line of 8x dual DVD recorders. MAM-E produces its own stampers but also sells stampers to others. So the drive only adjusts the laser focusing point in order to record aan the first or the second layer.

The company is planning to release it in June. Blue laser technology offers 30GB of storage on dual face, single layer, mm, cartridge contained optical discs. As we have already posted on our news section, a special optical disc proposed by plasmon has been chosen by NASA as the optical storage data transportation medium for the unmanned mission to Mars.

The store bought DVD movies are mostly all dual layer discs.