In fact version 1. Results After the first driver I found closest speed competitor in the first revision of by SiS. Later card revisions added AGP 4x support – if purchased in a retail box, there usually will be an “AGP 4x” sticker present on the box to indicate such support. Drivers and limited support for these products can be found at: It did pretty well, especially for a 3D card, also what I had not noticed before was the great image quality, it’s crisp, bright and sharp with a great colour balance.

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3Dlabs Permedia 2 review

Beyond the Frontier test and Whipeout completely freezes the PC. After the first driver I found closest speed competitor in the first revision of by SiS. Formac also made a number of Macintosh graphics cards using Permedia 1, 2, and 3 chipsets. Local memory was unified to maximize capacity utilization and all the traffic now goes through casual 64 bit bus, yet 32 bit framebuffer does not significantly slow down rendering.

The alliance continued, Permedia 2 integrates TI’s MHz DAC technology with x32 bit texture lookup table supporting four and eight bit paletted textures. Other than that there are plenty performance improvements for newer games. To get reasonable compatibility disable rectangular allocator and enable texture compression for OpenGL.

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Most of the 3d engineers reportedly ended at Intel. Three retail cards based on this chip were released: Resident Evil often suffers from large horizontal bars covering the actual scenes.


I did however, ran one at my old workplace in a CAD machine during 98”. Pervasive Media Creative 3D Blaster VLB failed to impress, but even before its release 3Dlabs was already making waves about much improved consumer chip for Lands of Lore 2 looks correct as permedix, but performance dived below 2 fps.

Last generic Permedia 2 driver version from April is used.

And just like any hardware triangle setup it also reduces bus traffic. It was manufactured at IBM’s 0.

3Dlabs Permedia 3 Create!

Fog unit permeda linear interpolation per vertex with value calculated by host function and can reject completely fogged fragments from plotting. OpenGL driver can accelerate Su, but smoke is not blended. Viper Racing without blending artifacts. It’s raw performance for is not that bad, pricing was reasonable, but limited feature set, memory management issues and drivers not friendly to gaming could not impress consumers.

Permedia was an early adopter of SGRAM, and enjoyed the bandwidth, block fills and per-window double buffering. Following P20 with fully 32 bit floating point precision per component confirmed devotion to professional segment.

I think it was mainly the price that caused ’em to spill over into the consumer market a bit, but permedja ability to play games was more coincidental than anything. Falcon 4 freezes after intro, Grim is invisible, Warbirds neeed older driver to draw textures, but there is no help for Thief where lightmaps cannot be blended.


However Gaming Glint was not very useful and did not gain the company any valuable mindshare. When results from driver came together, comparison against similar kind of products like Revolution 3D and Millennium 2 seem to be good idea, but Permedia is lagging behind even more.

There’s only one way to find out.

Permecia 2 not only offers various masks like scissor, chroma and color component tests, but whole pipeline can be skipped and host can use direct access to local buffer for custom programs.

Color precision is rather disappointing, because precision was at some places reduced to 5 bits per channel.

Retrieved from ” https: Performance could be better but hey, if you got the card from a boss to draw some CAD you won’t complain. Quake 2 or nothing. Triangle setup wasn’t a big deal back then though, outside of pro apps with much more complex geometry. It kept high quality, high resolution output qualities of professional boards, and seemed further proof for the time. The professional by day, gamer by night community is an increasingly prominent force in the computer hardware industry and the fact of the matter is that very few products are geared toward this very niche market.